Empowering your Finances
through Technology.


Technology is creating the greatest opportunity to facilitate commerce and generate wealth for the masses. Yet banking regulations, exclusionary policies, and government controls, leave many seeking for new solutions. Tesora Financial, is focused on delivering a global banking and finance ecosystem where money moves more successfully, and innovative financial opportunities exist that enhance your bottom line.

Our Vision

Using experience to innovate, technology to advance, and attitude to help to make a difference in our client’s financial activities.

Our Mission

Engineering solutions to build economies for business, governments and families globally.


Our Success

Is defined in the increase in benefits our clients receive.


Our group of companies are designed to create an eco-system where businesses can more easily transact, develop new opportunities, create and protect their wealth, enhance project finance, build networks to facilitate commerce, and use technology to makes things more efficient and yield more wealth. Our solutions include:
• Digital Banking
• Payment Systems
• Crypto & Token Exchange
• Smart Contracts
• Asset Management & Protection
• Project Finance
• Multi-currency and Digital Wallets


The ecosystem to be part of the future.

A UK-based regulated payment institution.

The next generation in digital banking where your personal and business needs still matter.

Crypto and non-fee Point of Sale payment systems that enhance loyalty and profitability.

MyGold is a licensed buying and trading platform allowing consumers to purchase gold while allowing it to maintain in a secure environment.

The blockchain is the foundation for creativity. We develop Tokens, Coins, Smart Contracts, and innovations where Blockchain can disrupt industries for the better.

We are architects of your future. Solving problems and creating solutions through collaborative consulting.

Participating in the new economy could not be easier than ever. Tesora Exchange is helping you more easily benefit from the new wealth that is being generated from the crypto economy.

Holding assets in trust is not just for the wealthy anymore.

Swiss-based Asset Managers.

Mining Bitcoin 70% more profitably.



The core success of any economy is how well the basic unit of society is doing. It is our intent to create opportunities for individuals and families to succeed financially and in many other ways.

We realize that not every person has the same opportunities, but we feel compelled to help people spend smarter, earn more, and have greater incentives and programs to save. Money is not the only need, so we also look at other ways to enhance education, health, and general wellness.

Hi-Net Worth

You worked hard to get what you have. You want to compound your wealth, but you need to protect your assets and not make an irreversible investment mistake. You should diversify your investments and consider your legacy. You may want to build a new business or invest in a concept. Perhaps, you own a business and you need solutions to help you grow. Either way, we can help. We are not your average financial house. We are your partners in success!

SME’s – Business

At Tesora, we are like you, entrepreneurs. We know your needs. We know what you struggle with when it comes to finances. We have been there. Whether you are seeking to raise capital, expand your business, handle international payments or give your sales reps or employees spending cards, we are here to help you.

For a long time big banks have stopped innovating. They seem to not care about who you are or what are your needs and goals. They seem to question your every move making it difficult to accept money or send out payments as your business grows. This is all ridiculous. We are here to help. We know that when you succeed so will we. We know your needs are sometimes outside the box. Great, we love it! Count on us because we are thinking about you.


Institutions and Governments have similar needs. They have the public trust and must work in a way to benefit those for whose funds they have stewardship. Governments must spend wisely, invest safely, and save for a rainy day just like the rest of us.

Institutions have rules they must abide by and need help accessing lucrative opportunities that exist in microeconomies. Because of what we do, who we are, and who we know, we have access to opportunities of all kinds. We love when a client tells us their challenges and their hopes and we define a solid path they have never conceived. Test us, we are not your average team.


Technology has been the best thing for money… but the best is yet to come.

Our executive team is full of innovators that see problems clearly and design solutions in a way that is unparalleled yet compliant with the ever more complex world of government regulation. We are building the future of money by incorporating technology with the goal of making things work better for everyone.

This is the Tesora way – Innovative, Empowering, and Inclusive.

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